It's been a long way from when we began. During that time, D2MG has gone through many phases of change. In order to honour the past contributions of all the previous generations leading up to today, we've constructed this timeline to celebrate our past milestones and achievements.



Late 2001

D2MG was formed by a group of enthusiastic students from UNSW with a real passion in hiphop and its way of life.


D2MG officially becomes a student society in UNSW, led by Michael Liu

  • In D2MG’s first year, acquired 500 members (surprising!)

  • Established D2MG Hiphop dance classes / DJ Classes and Hiphop camp!

  • The society quickly became the biggest Hiphop society in Sydney.

  • Knowledge was shared to other Hiphop enthusiasts creating a unique culture within the UNSW world


  • D2MG launches its first website


  • Victor Caringal becomes president of D2MG


John Chow becomes president of D2MG

  • D2MG establishes its class format

  • D2MG kicks off its “Level” Showcases with Level 1


Katrina Orpilla becomes president of D2MG

  • Established the Next Gen Jam events which were to establish the next generation of dancers in battle (It was also invited to perform as part of the annual Platform Hiphop Festival)

  • Hosting workshops with international guests – Suga Pop, Bboy Venum, Bboy Blond and Hong 10 (to name a few)


Mark Coronel becomes president of D2MG

  • Nominated Number 1 Club campus for O-Week (2 years in a row)

  • Best exhibiting club for foundation day (won $500 tab)


Vivian Mai becomes president of D2MG

  • Working together with a great executive team to help run Level 6 and Level 7 showcases held at the Roundhouse


Nancy Xu (Froggy) becomes president of D2MG

  • Recruiting 300 members for each year

  • Establishing of The Next Level Dance Camp for D2MG

  • Establishing TDV – The Dancevengers, a charity organised funded through busking using dance on the streets


Ken Yap becomes president of D2MG

  • Ran large workshops and dance battles within D2MG


Christina Rusli becomes president of D2MG

  • D2MG kicks off BEATDOWN


Alice Tauv becomes president of D2MG

  • Introduced the first 10 weeks Beatbox course for D2MG

  • Led D2MG to win Synergy 8’s Soc vs Soc battle


Patrick Fong becomes president of D2MG

  • Samantha Tran Achieves our first sponsorship with Audio-Technica


Jessica Vania Rompis becomes president of D2MG

  • D2MG re-launches its website with a clarified mission, purpose and brand positioning (the one you're looking at now!)

  • Alan Lu and Ray Chia work together to re-design and test a new structure the D2MG Crew


Venus Pun becomes president of D2MG

  • Mathew Vo creates Just Dance

  • Venus Pun teaches a school workshop for over 20 primary school kids at Chester Hill North Public in partnership with ASPIRE


Mathew Vo becomes president of D2MG

  • Establish sponsorship with Freshtee

  • Achieved the largest 2v2 dance battle in Australia - LEVEL XII, registration number 53 teams.

  • Establish the connection with UNSW RapSoc.


Jonathan Tandjung becomes president of D2MG

  • Establish sponsorship with PUSHA


  • Taro Aoki becomes president of D2MG


  • Laura Huynh becomes president of D2MG