Dance. DJ. MC. Graffiti

Hip-Hop started as a movement in the South Bronx in the 1970s and has become a medium for originally bringing people together from the harshest of economic, social or racial


D2MG is the oldest university based hip-hop society in the Southern Hemisphere. We are a non-profit organisation centred at the University of New South Wales whose mission is to inspire individuals to share this authentic hip-hop culture, embracing personal identity and creativity. Embodying the four elements of Hip-hop (Dance, DJ, MC and Graffiti), we hope to bring a sense of joy and appreciation within our activities, which ultimately foster peace and improves the lives of others in unity.

Our goals

  1. To bring together, educate and empower all individuals within our community through hip-hop

  2. To provide a safe environment for young people to express themselves, have fun and form meaningful bonds

  3. To form Australia’s most renowned hub of resources to assist in the education and spread of authentic hip-hop culture.


The D2MG family is constantly growing and we’re excited to see more growth in the future.

  • Passionate executive team of 13+ people 

  • D2MG battle squad 

  • D2MG dance crew 

  • 1.5k+ likes on our Facebook Page

  • 2k+ members in our Facebook group 

  • 400+ Instagram followers 

  • 127 sign ups 2020 O WEEK



 Just Dance is an intra-UNSW team-based battle and showcase event that utilises unique battle formats and performances to bring the UNSW dance community together. Its goals and aims are to create an event for everyone, no matter what level of experience, to have fun and just dance! 

Just Dance vol. 4 was our biggest Just Dance yet, with over 80 attendees. We’re keen to continue the hype for next year’s Just Dance vol. 5.

Levels is our annual, high scale dance battle and showcase night consisting of a 2v2 Open Styles battle, 7-to-smoke battle, showcases, cyphers (dance circles), performances and so much more!

Our Level XIV last year proved to be a success, with 200+ battlers and audience. We had Level XIV happening on 14 September 2019 - celebrating 14 years of this prestigious battle event.


The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

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