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We transform hip hop into an experience that you can enjoy.

These are the 4 main elements of hip hop (The fifth being knowledge). Established in 2002 by a group of passionate UNSW students, and initially led by Michael Liu, our organisation has been staying true to hip hop ever since. 

We are an organisation that seeks to be an active gateway between Sydney's hip hop scene and the wider community by sharing knowledge and advice about the 4 elements, holding events, or simply by facilitating discussions in relation to hip hop culture.

Embodying all elements of hip hop culture, we believe that hip hop is a channel for boundless creativity and a way to freely express our personal identities.



In 1977, hiphop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa (also known as one of the "Godfathers of Hiphop")  started Zulu Nation, a hiphop awareness organisation that aimed to use hiphop to draw angry youth out of gangs. He brought peace to many gangs, and many artists and gang members attribute their salvation to hiphop, often saying that "hiphop has saved a lot of lives".

The 4 following values are the foundation of Zulu Nation and hiphop culture, which we have adopted as our own.



Hiphop culture was established as a way to attain peace.

As human beings, we should all strive for both inner and outer peace and not complicate our lives, or the lives of others.

Our time here is short - so why complicate it with petty arguments and disputes?

We believe that hiphop (when used correctly) is a healthy outlet for anyone to channel negative energy and foster positive emotions.


Love, or at least simple kindness, always makes daily living easier. Sometimes it may seem awkward, but it’s important to tell those people you care about that you love them. We never know when we may get another chance to do so.

We can do this through many ways. Maybe we can share a lame joke, a helpful story, a choreographed dance piece, a song/rap, or a smile with someone. It doesnt matter if it's not a big action, it'll brighten someones day :)



Within our families, circles of friends, associates, communities, organizations – an understanding of unity is essential.

When we are united in our words, actions and minds, things get done quicker and in a much more peaceful way.

We all have our individual differences that arise from different life experiences, and rather than forcing our own values onto others, it is better to respect those differences.



Often, we're so focused on becoming better people (whether it be through our careers or our dance skills) and making that impact on the world around us that we forget to have fun.

At D2MG, whilst we're all about pushing our students to become better, we're also about learning how to laugh at yourself and your own mistakes - because having fun makes it easier to persevere and deal with the tough challenges that we face everyday!



The following quotes sum up why we believe hip hop is such a powerful medium for change and meaningful impact on the world:

"Hip hop is a culture of life, a common bond of expression and liberation that has ignited recent generations across the world towards a better future."

"The elements of hip-hop culture (breakin’, emceein’, graffiti art, deejayin’, beatboxin’, street knowledge, street fashion, street language and street entrepreneurship) are life-strategies for self–identification, self-improvement and self-empowerment, which ultimately leads to positive social change in our lives and communities!"

"Hiphop is the way of portraying skills, creativeness, teaching righteousness and feeding the listeners with knowledge of self."

"Hip hop is inherently political, the language is political. It uses language as a weapon — not a weapon to violate or not a weapon to offend, but a weapon that pushes the envelope that provokes people, makes people think."

- Todd Boyd